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The Journal of Adhesive Dentistry

Edited by Prof. Dr. Roland Frankenberger, Prof. Bart Van Meerbeek

ISSN (print) 1461-5185 • ISSN (online) 1757-9988


September/October 2018
Volume 20 , Issue 5

Pages: 407–415
DOI: 10.3290/j.jad.a41359
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Effects of Selective Phosphoric Acid Etching on Enamel Using No-wait Self-etching Adhesives

Takaaki Sato / Tomohiro Takagaki / Masaomi Ikeda / Toru Nikaido / Michael F. Burrow / Junji Tagami

Purpose: To evaluate the effect of selective phosphoric acid etching on enamel using no-wait self-etching adhesives.

Materials and Methods: Clearfil Universal Bond Quick (UBQ, Kuraray Noritake) or G-Premio BOND (GPB, GC) was applied to ground human enamel surfaces. The adhesives were used in 3 modes: no-waiting self-etching mode (UBQ-0 or GPB-0), 10-s self-etching mode (UBQ-10 or GPB-10), and the selective-etch mode with phosphoric acid etching (UBQ-PA or GPB-PA). After an acid-base challenge, the morphological attributes of the interface were examined using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to characterize the acid-base resistant zone (ABRZ). Microshear bond strength (µSBS) testing to enamel and ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of the adhesive resin were carried out.

Results: ABRZ formation was confirmed in all groups. UBQ-PA and GPB-PA created thicker ABRZ with no funnel-shaped erosion beneath the adhesive-enamel interface. µSBS of UBQ-PA was significantly higher than UBQ-0 and UBQ-10 (p < 0.05). However, there were no statistically signficant differences in µSBS among GPB-0, GPB-10, and GPB-PA. For the UTS, UBQ was significantly higher than GPB.

Conclusion: Selective phosphoric acid etching created a stable adhesive-enamel interface. The no-waiting self-etching concept adhesive led to a thinner ABRZ. The results of µSBS suggest that phosphoric acid etching effects on enamel are material dependent.

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