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The International Journal of Adult Orthodontics & Orthogathic Surgery
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International Journal of Adult Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery

Year 1995
Volume 10 , Issue 2

Pages: 127 - 135

Perception of facial attractiveness by patients, peers, and professionals


Self-perception of facial attractiveness of 19 women (15 with Class II malocclusion and four with Class I malocclusion) was compared to the perceptions of the patient's peers, five orthodontics, and five oral surgeons. Each respondent ranked a set of four standardized facial photographs of each patient from most (1) to least (19) attractive. A surgical treatment plan was recommended for all of the Class II patients. However, only nine accepted surgery; six elected to undergo camouflaging orthodontics only. There was a statistially significant difference in the distribution of ranks given to the Class I, Class II camouflage-only, and Class II surgery groups by the panels. Overall, the Class I patients were judged most attractive. The Class II patients who elected to undergo orthodontics only were given mid-ranks, and the patients who elected surgery were ranked least attractive, although the distributions for overjet, point A-nasion-point B, and motivations for treatment were similar in two groups. The distribution of self-ranks given by the patients were not significantly different among the three groups, although Class II patients perceived themselves as less attractive than the Class I patients.


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