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Illustrated Guide to Eyelid and Periorbital Surgery: Applied Anatomy, Examination, Blepharoplasty

Author(s)/Editor(s): Fratila, Alina; Zubcov-Iwantscheff, Alina; Coleman, William P.

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Categories: Dermatology

© 2015

Two well-known and dedicated practitioners pool their experience and appreciable skill into this illustrated step-by-step reference book on periorbital and eyelid surgery. Drawing from a wealth of surgical expertise and rigorous study, the authorsí particular knowledge of the periorbital area shines through in their emphasis on exact anatomical comprehension of the patientís physiology. Through detailed descriptions of particular surgical cases and common errors or misconceptions, as well suggestions and advice for the improvement of operating techniques on a patient-to-patient basis, this book presents itself as a complete, comprehensive reference book for novice surgeons and experienced practitioners alike. Supported by extensive photography and illustrations, this book leaves no room for doubt, misconception, or inaccuracy in a successful operation.

408 pp; 800 illus;

ISBN:978-1-85097-272-3; 9781850972723;

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