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Cell-to-Cell Communication: Volume 6—Peri-implantitis and its Prevention (DVD-ROM)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Berglundh, Tord; Jepsen, Soren; Stadlinger, Bernd; Terheyden, Henrdrik (editors)

Price: $ 128.00

Stock #: C3033

Categories: Periodontics

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Just like with natural teeth, if the plaque biofilm is allowed to accumulate on implants, peri-implant mucositis occurs, which can subsequently develop into peri-implantitis, characterized by peri-implant bone destruction and even implant loss. This new 3D movie visualizes the intercellular processes that are involved as peri-implant tissue transitions from health to mucositis, from mucositis to peri-implantitis, and finally back to health. This sophisticated HD animation successfully conveys the essentials of cell-to-cell communication, visualizing the invisible yet fascinating world of signals and signaling within the human body.

ISBN: 978-1-78698-021-2; 9781786980212

2 Video DVDs (Expert and Public Version) and a detailed booklet in a hardcover.
Duration: 15 min; Platform: PC and Mac DVD-ROM

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