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Quintessence Digital Journal (Issue #2)


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In 2005, Quintessence will launch a unique concept in journal publishing. Capitalizing on the superb training value of live-action video, the new quintessence digital journal will present advanced clinical procedures performed live by world-class clinicians. Each DVD will contain 3 or 4 video segments, each on a different dental-related topic (restorative, surgical, implant, etc). Available by subscription or as a single issue, this quarterly journal offers viewers the opportunity to observe and even study the ways in which experienced practitioners manage every step—including unexpected problems—of common clinical procedures performed in real time and on actual patients. Nothing facilitates learning so well as witnessing the choices made by expert clinicians and listening as they explain the decision-making that guides them. The new qdj will introduce a new era in the way advanced clinical procedures are mastered.

Implants for the Anterior Mandibular Region—50 min
by G. Horrichs
Implant Planning and Positioning
Drilling and Thread-Cutting
Implant Insertion
Wound Closure

The implant position is determined using a surgical/radiographic template (in the mandibular anterior lateral regions). A Peeso drill is inserted in the drill guide and used to mark the position in the mucoperiosteum. An incision is made, and the mucoperiosteal flap is raised.

The implant insertion sites are prepared using a 2 twist drill, 2.3 pilot drill, 3 and 3.5 twist drills. This is followed by counter drilling and thread cutting. The implants were loaded at 40 to 50 N. The wound is then closed using Gore-Tex suture material.

Sinus Bone Augmentation with PRP—30 min
by S. Schultze-Mosgau
Incision Technique for Lateral Sinus Floor Augmentation
Creation of a Lateral Bone Window in the Facial Maxillary Sinus Wall
Maxillary Sinus Floor Elevation
Chin Bone Graft Harvesting
Retromolar Bone Harvesting
Sinus Floor Augmentation Using Autologous Bone, Beta-Tricalcium
Phosphate (1:1), and PRP

Maxillary sinus augmentation may be indicated in cases where it is desirable to increase the vertical bone stock in the maxillary lateral incisor region. Maxillary sinus floor augmentation entails the grafting of autologous bone or bone replacement material in the spaces between the bony floor and elevated membrane of the maxillary sinus. This video demonstrates the techniques for palatal incision, access preparation, and exposure of the facial wall of the maxillary sinus. A diamond drill is used to create a bony window in the facial wall of the maxillary sinus, taking care not to perforate the sinus membrane. After completely detaching the basal parts of the membrane, the flap is advanced cranially using angular elevation instruments.

Regarding the procedure for autologous bone grafting, the steps for incision, preparation and harvesting of monocortical chin bone transplants with a trephine drill are demonstrated. An alternative procedure for harvesting retromolar bone material is also shown. A bone mill is used to particulate the autologous bone material. The autologous bone chips are then mixed 1:1 with beta-tricalcium phosphate and PRP and inserted in the sinus floor.

Esthetic Periodontal Treatment with Microsurgical Techniques—60 min
by H. Wachtel
Instruments and Planning
Split Thickness Flap Preparation
Harvesting Connective Tissue for Grafting
Palatal Sutures
Transplant Insertion and Suture
Microsurgical Suture

Microsurgical operation to repair two adjacent, exposed root surfaces. The video demonstrates the step-by-step preparation of coronally advanced split-thickness flap with subepithelial connective tissue. To remove connective tissue from the palate, a horizontal incision is required. Ultra-precise microsurgical suturing is the key to obtaining aesthetically pleasing results.

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