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Dynamics of Orthodontics
Vol 3a: Normal Development of the Dentition
Vol 3b: Malocclusions and Interventions

Author(s)/Editor(s): van der Linden, Frans P.G.M.; Radlanski, Ralf J.; McNamara, James

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For the first time ever, three-dimensional views provide fascinating insights into the development of the dentition, revealing the factors that affect the way the dentition develops in the growing face and the role that function plays in that process. The relationship of the developing dentition to jaw size and jaw growth and associated variations in the development of the dentition are also elucidated.

Insight into the development of the various types of malocclusion is invaluable for those involved in clinical orthodontics. This volume also describes both the primary factor and the associated deviations that develop in each type of malocclusion, providing a basis for efficient treatment approaches. Emphasis is placed on deviating development that can be interrupted by interception procedures, leading to spontaneous corrections and favorable conditions for initiating orthodontic treatment. Produced in six languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese).

Format: DVD (NTSC and PAL)

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