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Dental Erosion: Clinical and Technical Aspects of Minimally Invasive Rehabilitation (DVD-ROM)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Kresic, Tomislav; Kohlbach, Wolfgang; Plaster, Udo

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© 2013

Acid reflux–related dental erosion is a topic of increasing relevance. This DVD-ROM presents an exceptional case report documenting a minimally invasive treatment for a severely eroded dentition, owing to acid reflux disease. The film highlights the collaboration among the members of the treatment team, a dentist and two dental technicians, as they work together to find a treatment strategy to restore the patient’s lost vertical dimension and ensure both excellent functionality and esthetic harmony with the patient’s natural appearance. The film highlights the use of novel methods and materials, including the “silicone-in-silicone” method in which mock-ups, a therapeutic splint, and temporary overlays are created from the same multiple-use polymerization mold. The exceptional restorative results validate the innovative techniques.

80 minutes; ISBN 978-1-85097-262-4

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