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Bracketless Fixed Lingual Orthodontics

Author(s)/Editor(s): Mariniello, Anna; Cozzolino, Fabio

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Categories: Orthodontics

© 2015

This atlas illustrates a bracketless technique for resolving malocclusions in the permanent dentition that provides invisible orthodontic treatment with minimal patient discomfort. This innovative method, characterized by the use of orthodontic wires directly bonded to the lingual surfaces of the teeth, was first used to treat relapse of anterior misalignments and tooth crowding in the anterior dentition. Over time the technique has evolved, and the authors now use bracketless fixed lingual orthodontics to resolve all types of malocclusions. This monograph details their technique, including the materials used, clinical procedure for forming appliances, bonding to dental surfaces, detailed analysis of possible treatments in relation to various malocclusions, and how to control specific tooth movements. The therapeutic concepts are fully illustrated through case examples of increasing complexity. Additional topics covered include use of provisional teeth in extraction cases as well as bone regeneration through orthodontic movements.

368 pp; 1,415 illus;

ISBN: 978-88-7492-020-4; 9788874920204;

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