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Occlusal Adjustments in Implants and Natural Dentition: 3D Occlusion (Book/DVD set)

Author(s)/Editor(s): Jiménez-López, Vicente

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Categories: Occlusion & TMD

© 2016

This book provides a meticulous analysis of occlusion and the many anatomical factors involved: natural teeth and implants, gingiva, tooth- and implant-borne prostheses, masticatory muscles, ligaments, the TMJs, and articular capsules and disks, among others. Furthermore, the problems that can lead to malocclusion often relate to additional patient factors, emotional stress, bruxism, clenching, and the jaw being out of proper position. The book also covers referred pain, which can mimic joint symptoms caused by neck and masticatory muscle problems, as well as headaches and facial pain that may be connected to occlusion-related muscle problems including the neck muscles. The accompanying DVD includes more than 200 clinical animations.

240 pp; 409 illus;

ISBN: 978-1-85097-292-1; 9781850972921;

Also available in Spanish: Book Code E3582;

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